Volunteer interview – suggested questions

Use this template to choose questions you may like to ask potential volunteers.


Author: Volunteerability


Volunteer interview reminder template

Use this template to inform new applicants when and where their interview is. This helps them prepare and feel less anxious about the details.


Author: Volunteerability

Volunteer interview questions for better matching

Thorough screening and proper placement of volunteers starts with asking the right volunteer interview questions. Although we often think about screening volunteers as a way to mitigate potential risk, it also provides a unique opportunity to better understand the motivations of the volunteer applicant. The link also has hints and tips around screening and retention.

Author: Volunteer Pro


Interview Questions

Some examples of questions that you may like to ask prospective volunteers in your sporting club, depending on the role and level of responsibility.

Author: Community Cricket

Interviewing Tips for Assessing Volunteers in High-Risk Positions

This Tip Sheet has been written by volunteer management specialists who work with vulnerable children and youth. The specialists have decades of experience creating the conditions for successful interviews, always with the intention of creating welcoming spaces to have personal and deep conversations that are equitable and fair, but also robust and curious.

Author : Victoria Foundation – British Columbia – Canada


Guide to interviewing volunteers

A more formal approach. Some steps to keep in mind.

Author: Volunteer Ireland