Inclusive Volunteering Checklist

Making your volunteer program more inclusive for more people is easier than you think! This simple

checklist provides some practical steps to make sure everyone can access the benefits of volunteering.

Start your journey towards ore inclusive volunteering today.

Author : Volunteerability

Accessible and Inclusive Toolkits

Includes Toolkits and guidelines for Accessible:

Play Spaces – Communication – Wayfinding and Signage – Community Events and consultation groups with people living with disability

Author: South Australian Government


Code of Conduct – Diversity and Inclusion

A Code of Conduct sets out the rules and expectations that members of an organisation must follow.

This resource includes a variety of options to include in your organisations code of conduct in regard to diversity and inclusion.

Author : Volunteerability


Co-Design Guide

This co-design guide will provide you with directions on how to successfully engage, connect and co-design with people with disability.

Author: People with Disability Western Australia

Disability Employment Targets

The business case for disability employment targets. Guidelines for setting and achieving targets to increase the employment of people with disability.

Author: Australian Network on Disability


Plain language guide

Plain language can express complex ideas. Engage people with words they can understand quickly: use the list on this page. Plain language is different to Easy English.

Source: Australian Government

Self Advocacy at Work

Self-Advocacy@Work helps autistic people navigate the world of employment, understand workplace rights and develop self-advocacy skills.


Source: Autism CRC (Cooperative Research Centres)

Autistics Guide to Adulthood

From making friends and self-care, to entering the workforce and advocating for your needs, this interactive resource for the Autistic community , co-designed by autistic adults, aims to provide useful information, strategies and activities.

Author: Collaboration between Australian Government, Autism SA and University of Adelaide

Sport 4 All

Giving community sport clubs and schools the support and skills to include people with disability

when, where and how they choose. A national award winning program dedicated to enhancing inclusivity in sports

by empowering local sporting clubs, schools and communities to embrace diversity and create opportunities for people with disability.

Includes inclusion check list, free online training and resources.

Author: Collaboration between Australian Government, Australian Sports Commission and Get Skilled Access

MyWay Employability

  • Discover strengths for the workplace or further education
  • Identify and communicate sensory preferences and skills
  • Set goals based on personalised suggestions
  • Create a team to support your progress

Author: Autism Cooperative Research Centre’s (CRC) Australian Government